Covid-19 Update


As a result of the COVID pandemic, we are rescheduling non urgent visits and in certain instances will be performing telemedicine.  However, a significant portion of my practice is acute trauma related.  Accidents by nature are unpredictable and as a result, we will still be seeing patients experiencing acute/trauma issues unrelated to COVID.  It may be prudent to skip an urgent care or ER visit and go straight to the hand surgeon for an acute hand issue.  Not only could this speed up definitive treatment, but also decrease patients going to the already overburdened ER.  COVID screening questions will occur prior to scheduling and patients with COVID symptoms will be referred to the ER or other appropriate facility equipped to treat COVID.  While the Governor has directed all licensed health care professionals and facilities to postpone all surgeries and procedures that are not immediately, medically necessary to correct a serious medical condition or to preserve the life of a patient, at least a decision can be made if surgery is indicated and eventually scheduled in a timely manner should the governor’s decree change.

I apologize in advance, but these policies are subject to change as the COVID policies are in a constant state of evolution.


Dr. Fiore