Anatomy of the Arm

Arm Bones


The radius is on the thumb side of the forearm near the hand. It twists when you twist your hand. It is connected to the Humerus bone at the elbow. The joint is like a ball and socket, with the radius forming the socket. The radius connects with the ulna by cartilage at the elbow and the wrist. Many muscles and ligaments connect the system together.


The ulna is on the pinky finger side of the forearm. This bone acts as a stationary bone when twisting your hand. The ulna connects to a larger area at the elbow and a smaller area at the wrist with cartilage in between each connection. Multiple ligaments connect the radius and ulna together thru the forearm.


The humerus is the upper bone in the arm that connects into the shoulder joint. It has a ball socket with the shoulder. Multiple muscles and ligaments run thru the entire arm from the humerus to the hand.

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