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Hand & Wrist Treatment and Surgery

Ailments that affect the wrist and hand can directly impact your ability to perform any task. In some cases, certain ailments may require surgery to fix the underlying cause, and restore your dexterity. At Fiore Hand & Wrist, Hand Surgeon Dr. Fiore treats a multitude of ailments of the hand and wrist. From Carpal Tunnel Syndrome to Tumors to Duypuytren’s Contracture. Hand Specialist Dr. Fiore can provide you with the professional treatment necessary to improve your condition.


Cypress Hand Surgeon Dr. Fiore also treats a number of hand and wrist injuries including Sports InjuriesTendon Injuries, and Fingertip Injuries. It’s no surprise that athletes put an unbelievable amount of strain on their bodies. Baseball and tennis players, for example, are often prone to serious problems with their hands from constant strain. Katy Hand Surgeon Dr. Fiore can help locate the source of pain or mobility issues and restore functionality.


Sometimes past injuries or infections can go unnoticed and result in cysts. These cysts can restrict your range of motion and often produce constant pain. Two common cysts treated at Fiore Hand & Wrist include Mucous Cysts and Ganglion Cysts. Mucous cysts often affect the appearance of your hand and can alter your self confidence. Dr. Fiore can give you back your handshake and confidence.


Hand and wrist ailments are numerous and can affect patients differently. If you suffer from any type of hand or wrist discomfort or abnormality, Hand specialist Dr. Fiore can set you on the path to recovery. A few of the other hand and wrist services offered include:

Houston Hand Surgeon Dr. Fiore specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of Hand, Wrist, and Elbow ailments. He is board certified by the American Board of Surgery and fellowship trained in hand surgery. For more information on treatment options, or to schedule a consultation, call Fiore Hand and Wrist at (281) 970-8002.

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